Gettin' piggy wit it

Catering Menu


For Pickup or Local Delivery:

Pulled Pork Barbeque                       $ 8       per pound

Beef Brisket Barbeque                         $11            

Smoked Chicken  (whole chickens, pre-cut)   $10            

Meats are packed in disposable serving trays & include 3 gourmet sauces

Barbeque Beans                                $15     per gallon

Vinegar Slaw                                      $10            

Fancy Mayo Slaw                               $13           

Fancy Redskin Potato Salad             $17           

Small Yeast Buns                               $ 2       per dozen

Small Burger Buns                              $ 3             


Side Dishes are packed in disposable serving trays

Additional Red BBQ Sauce               $ 7       per quart Additional Hot Red BBQ Sauce        7           

Additional Vinegar BBQ Sauce         $ 5           

Additional White BBQ Sauce             $ 7             


Sweet Tea                                            $ 3        per gallon

Real Lemonade                                   $ 4              




Catering & food service at your event is available for large groups for an additional fee of $75 for the first hour, plus $25 per hour of serving time.  Food will be prepared and served out of Sultans of Swine’s world-famous “PorkMaster 3000” smoker.